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Israel just Bombed the Hell out of ISIS

ISIS was caught firing rockets into Israeli settlements, so Israel responded with a massive bombing from an armed drone, killing at least one ISIS fighter. Egypt was quick to declare a state of emergency...


Bomb Found in Ambulance Outside German Stadium

A friendly soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled. Heavy armed Police stand outside the stadium in front of a board announcing that the match is called off,  Bomb Found in Ambulance.


Russians are stepping up the bombing of ISIS

Russia’s air force flew 81 sorties and hit 263 targets in Syria in the last two days, the Russian Defence Ministry announced Vladimir Putin’s forces have steeped up the bombing campaign on ISIS targets...


Twin Bombs Kill At Least 20 In Turkish Capital

ANKARA – Twin explosions outside the main train station in the Turkish capital Ankara killed at least 20 people on Saturday as hundreds gathered for a peace rally, in what government officials described as...