The Europeans are waking up: Surveys show rapidly increasing support for Islam-critical parties

If you think Europe will sleep through its Islamisation, you are wrong. Surveys predict a sharp increase of power to Islam-critical parties in coming elections in several European countries. This reflects the Europeans’ increasingly negative attitude towards Islam and Muslim immigration. This does not mean that the explosion of Muslim violence against non-Muslims all over Western Europe will stop, or that the heavily armed Muslim bastions that are eating up thousands of cities on our continent will start obeying secular law and authorities instead of imams and homemade sharia courts. Nor does it mean that Islamic terrorists will quit their plans to destabilize our societies with the use of bombs, poison, kidnappings, highjacking, train derailments, cyber attacks, political lobbying, etc.

What it means is that the final blow between Islam and Europe will happen earlier than many expected. The point where the conflict could have been solved through a full stop for Muslim immigration and refugees, crackdowns on mosques preaching the unrevised and thus unconstitutional version of the Quran, complete rollback of any kind of islamization, effective policing in troubled ghettos, repatriation of criminal and unemployed immigrants without full citizenship, decreased welfare for people unable to speak the country’s language, child support limited to two children, paid repatriation, and much heavier sentences for engaging in gang-related crimes, violence and rape (with the possibility to get a cut in the sentence if they emigrate to a non-EU country) without losing blood, sweat and tears fighting civil war-like riots and organised Islamic guerrilla groups was passed more than a decade ago.

Uplifting political polls

The French party Front National is now as popular as the governing Socialist party and the former Sarkozy-led conservative UMP. All three parties received 21 percent of the votes, and it is worth noting that the Socialists and the Conservatives are generally decreasing, while Front National is still growing steadily. The leader of Front National, Marie le Pen, has renounced her father’s antisemitic and race-based policies, and vows to destroy the euro and has declared Islamisation the greatest threat to France.

The Danish Peoples’ Party is now the second biggest party in Denmark, according to several surveys. With 20 percent, DPP is bigger than the Social Democrats, and can form a government with the Venstre (Liberal Conservatives), which also has outspoken Islam-critics among its MPs, alone.

In Sweden, the Swedish Democrats, known for their very outspoken negative statements on Islam and Muslim immigration, are now the third biggest party, with 11 percent in the surveys.

In Holland, Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) is now the biggest party in surveys. 24 percentof the voters would vote for the PVV.

The UK Independence Party, UKIP, is mainly known for its fierce stance against the EU. UKIP’s policy, though, is also against immigration, and several members of UKIP have expressed very negative comments on Islam. UKIP receives 13 percent in polls, and surveys show that many UK voters who traditionally vote Socialist and Conservative are strongly considering voting for UKIP at the coming elections.

In Norway, The Progress Party, which is known for its very sceptical stance on Islam and Muslim immigration, is the third biggest party, with 14 percent of the votes according to surveys.

In Austria the FPÖ, Freedom Party Austria, is now at 20 percent in surveys, making it the third biggest party if elections were to be held tomorrow. FPÖ is working together with Geert Wilders.

In Finland, the True Finns are the third biggest party, with 19 percent of the votes. The True Finns are EU-sceptical and against Islamisation and Muslim immigration.

Though Switzerland does not have a major Islam-critical party, 58 percent of voters voted for a ban on minarets in the country, showing a generally very critical attitude towards Islam among Swiss voters.

It is worth noting that the change in the Europeans’ attitude has happened in spite of the medias’ and the politicians’ conscious, powerful and almost all-pervasive attempt to downplay, ignore and even lie about Islam and the consequences of Muslim immigration.



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