The German Police Union wants to build a wall against Austria


The powerful German Police Union now goes against its government and Angela Merkel’s asylum policy. In a move today, the Police Union demands that Germany does the same as Hungary and builds a border fence to stop the influx of migrants from the third world.

In an interview with Die Welt’s Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag, the Chairman of the Police Union, Rainer Wendt, said that if Germany show decisiveness and build a fence, other countries will quickly follow suit.

The border fence must, according to him, first and foremost be built along the border with Austria, which is vital for the country to maintain its border control.

– Our organization is in danger, we face social unrest. Someone has to pull the emergency brake and it can only be Angela Merkel who do so, said Rainer Wendt to Welt am Sonntag.

Germany has introduced a temporary border control which came into force in mid-September.

However, in practice their inner border with Austria is not controlled, and therefore the influx of immigrants from the third world continues unhindered.

– If we close our border in this way, Austria will have to close its border with Slovenia, and it is exactly the effect we need, says Wendt.

He suggests that Germany does as Hungary and set up a “transit zone” in a no man’s land between an outer and an inner border. There, asylum-seekers will be sorted by how likely it is that they will be granted asylum.

When Hungary introduced a similar solution, the initiative was condemned by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat-Christian Democrat government, which called it inhumane and impossible to implement, writes Deutsche Welle.




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