The Islamic State is likely to be able to flow into the EU legally

Ankara – One of the key countries in the current refugee crisis is osmdesátimilionové Muslim Turkey. A country which in its territory currently hosts two million refugees, will be for their service European Union to demand compensation, and most likely in the form of accession to the EU. But according to an analysis by Global Research Europe opens the door to the Islamic state.


Turkey demands from Brussels a number of bonuses that are trying to stop the influx of refugees into Europe. For Ankara although it is realistically almost impossible, but even so, it is one of the positive promises leading to a possible solution, which is currently lacking.

He hears it, for example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who at the weekend visited the Turkish capital. The local government representatives promised to accelerate due to the migration crisis talks on Turkey’s accession to the Union Evrvopské. Until recently, yet the debate about Turkey’s entry into the EU froze to a standstill.

According to the analysis, however, Turkey was the main mediator in the Syrian conflict, primarily because its territory ongoing training of terrorists and radicals, and the country also offers facilities for tens of thousands of fighters. In něterých professional circles as Turkey is seen as a safe haven for extremist militants, who are free to come and go through the southern border to Syria.

This example confirms the discovery of informal relations between the Turkish authorities and the Islamic state, which occurred last year after it emerged a video showing a friendly meeting militants and members of the Turkish border guards near the besieged Syrian city of Koban.

According to Global Research is Turkey “bad actor in the story of Syria.” and fingers are unresolved debates about its entry into the European Union, because many European leaders decided to stop the influx of immigrants to accept almost any solution.

The analysis also highlights other significant facts. Most new recruits Islamic State come from Turkey and if the country into the European Union actually came, would ensure the possibility of legal entry of radicals into the European Union. Islamic extremists in the country or queues al Nusrat would only enough Turkish passport.

Stuaci not helped by bombardment by Russian aircraft. Series terrorists before it flees just in Turkey through northern Syrian border, thanks to an agreement with Brussels and the European Union may be closer than ever.



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