The Most Criminal Street in Germany

Nonwhite invaders have turned a 0.8 mile-long stretch of road in Leipzig into what even the controlled media in that country calls the “most criminal street in Germany.”


The Eisenbahnstrasse in east Leipzig has been that city’s epicenter of nonwhite immigration for many years, and the immediate area’s large—some estimates put it as high as 40 percent—nonwhite population has now been boosted with the latest Angela Merkel-driven refugee-terrorist invasion.


According to an article in the Focus news service, the Eisenbahnstrasse has now come under renewed media attention following yet another huge brawl between North African and Turkish gangs in the street.

It is already “regarded as one of the criminal and worst streets in Germany . . . and again this past weekend, there was fighting in the street. A large police operation follows, alarmingly, this has become routine..,” the Focusarticle says.

The weekend’s incident required a large contingent of police to quell the violence, but, as usual, Focus reported, there were no witnesses coming forward to indicate why the fight started. “The gangs fight each other here with full force, but the police is the common enemy,” Focus explained.


According to a police spokesman, a gang fight is a “normal occurrence, as happens almost every day now.” The police have been forced to set up a 24-hour reaction force in the area, and have to patrol it constantly to prevent it collapsing into complete anarchy.

But, as Focus reported, the last few days showed the extent of the problem—and who is committing it:

* On November 19, the Leipzig regional court sentenced a 24-year-old Tunisian to prison for stabbing another Arab with a knife in revenge for a robbery and a rape.

* On November 15, a fleeing burglar in the street crashed his getaway car and was arrested at hospital.

* On November 13, some 80 policemen swooped on a large number of premises and arrested several locals during a long-standing investigation into drug trafficking.

* On November 8, a 61-year-old man stabbed a 40-year-old in a dispute involving a woman.

The list of gang fights erupting along the Eisenbahnstrasse are too numerous to list individually—taking place, as they do many times every day.

It is so bad that, according to Focus, the street is called “criminals’ mile” by the police, as drugs, theft, prostitution, and violence flourish there despite the police’s close proximity.


Last year, the National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, or NPD), made a point of going into the area in order to put up warning posters and make a filmed report of conditions—after organizing protests against a nearby Salafist mosque and a building of a planned mosque in Gohlis.

According to a report written by Thorsten Thomsen, NPD press officer for Saxony, the “area around the notorious street is known not only as a transit point for crystal meth, but also suffers from a disproportionately high crime rate.

“Brawls, stabbings, assaults on women, and other violent crimes regularly take place, and of late, firearms have made their appearance in criminal activities,” the NPD spokesman said.

“The police have even recently declared the Eisenbahnstrasse as a ‘danger zone.’”

The NPD team walked through the area, putting up “danger zone” posters warning that the street was an example “of what could happen in other cities in Saxony—and other regions—should there be another influx of bogus asylum seekers from North Africa and other economic migrants from the Islamic world.”





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