The unspoken policy: what to do with all these French papers hating France?


The fact is, there is at the very least 15 million French paper on national territory, all with a hatred of France, its history and its institutions, which is real and supported by the left and all the political class. We have seen the love of France that population at football matches about Algeria: Algerian flag in the lead of all events, French flags burned, shops … fire. Many fires and cars burned for traditional celebrations of 14 July, Christmas and New Year.

Let us not forget that for the great march “Charlie I” any individual of this population in processions … and high school students had refused to follow the minute of silence in colleges and schools, though requested by the Government of collaborators of the clique Holland.

Indeed, elected UMPS do not stop blaming the settlers, to denigrate the huge construction work undertaken in Africa and Asia, from the 3 rd Republic. President Hollande has honored the monument of the fighters of the FLN during his last trip! It was daring to do and he did it …. The billionaire doggie Elysee flattens before the enemies of France and Christians in the world.

15 million French who refuse to fit in, who want to impose their culture, their religion, their customs, their way of life: clothing, halal implies the rite of living slaughtered animal, suppression of pig meat in school cafeterias, places of prayer within large companies, days reserved for women in the pool, that only women doctors to accompany the deliveries, etc ….

You have to see that in the short term this population, with a much higher birth rate than normal, and it definitely will become the majority! This is the great alternative Christian native population ….

The key word is the RAP: the return home of these side!

It will also forge close alliances of political, military and financial with Russia and China. These two great countries shouldering France in this crucial moment in its history, will be committed to providing a fleet of ships to repatriate to their country of origin Algeria, the French paper.

But I believe that even the FN will have the courage to go all the way … The people you it will then arm themselves following the example of the fighters of the FLN during the war in Algeria? Or will you it a military coup?

History will tell! The Kingdom of France is rich in adventures … ..

Anyway, expect a strong agitation for 2017, and get ready.

Patrick Maniaci



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