Thieving Nonwhite Invader Gangs Rampage through Berlin

Hordes of recently-arrived young nonwhite invader gangs are rampaging through Berlin, thieving and stealing to their heart’s content—and taunting the impotent German police on Facebook with photos of their loot, a report in the Bild newspaper has revealed.

According to the report, large gangs of the nonwhite invaders, who have been able to enter Germany under the guise of claiming “asylum” post up the “fruits” of their criminality on Facebook accounts, often with insulting messages to the police who cannot arrest them because of their special status as “asylum seekers.”

The Bild newspaper started off by quoting one example, the case of “Walid K.” a 19-year-old invader from Berlin.



“Although there are already ten theft investigations against him, Walid K. (19) from Berlin poses with thumbs up, sword in hand and a grin on his face [on Facebook],” the Bild said.

“With photos on the Internet, he presents the fruits of his thieving activities: smartphones, money, laptops, designer sunglasses.”

The Bild confirms that the police have repeatedly arrested “Walid K.” and many of his fellow estimated 150-strong gang members, but each time they walk away free.


“Most of them have applied for asylum, but are living without a permanent residence in Berlin,” the Bild explains, using “Ismat O.” as an example.

“He claimed to be 16 years of age and has two passports,” the article says, before quoting a police officer as saying that it is “probably not his real name.” Ismat O. is arrested regularly, and has more than twenty cases of theft and robbery against him, but is not in custody.

Bodo Pfalzgraf, Chief of the German Police Union in Berlin, told the newspaper that it was “incomprehensible that such serial offenders are not in pre-trial detention.”

However, a spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office in Berlin, Martin Steltner, said that attempts to arrest the nonwhite criminals were being impeded by their “asylum seeker” status, with the newspaper explaining that the investigations have “no influence” in the asylum procedure, and that even offenders can apply for asylum.




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