Was a sex slave of the IS before she was murdered

New details about the girl who became IS poster name

Samra Kesinovic, 17, fled her family in Austria to join the terror group IS to be “holy warriors”.
New information says that she and friend Sabina Selimovic instead were being held as sex slaves, according to Britain’s The Sun.
– We considered sexgåvor new warriors, says a woman who managed to escape captivity.

Just over a month ago it was reported that Samra Kesinovic had been killed after being for a time have been in Syria and joined the terrorist organization IS.

Held as prisoners
The Austrian girl with Bosnian roots had in October 2014 been tempted to leave Austria with a friend, and they both exploited soon as IS the poster.
No clear details of how they were killed has come.

Now, a Tunisian woman – who was held captive along with the two teenagers – provided new details about their time together.
They must have been kept prisoners and forced to perform sexual acts for fighting jihadists, says Britain’s The Sun.

Killed with hammer
The woman stated that Samra Kesinovic tried to escape from the house several times. The Tunisian woman has indicated to the Austrian media that it was after that time that Kesinovic killed, after being severely beaten with a hammer.

Austrian authorities have previously not wanted to comment on details of Samra Kesinovic and her friend.
– In individual cases, we can not leave any comments, said Thomas Schnöll, spokesperson for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, earlier.



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