“We come in peace,” Freshly landed in Sicily, this clandestine slaughters two retired

“We come in peace” is our chronicle of things seen on the web and social networks about our dear “migrants” / “refugees” / Bears … a small pellet of truth in a sea of ​​propaganda to good feelings … but shhh … PADAMALGAM! Today, an Ivorian nice tries to help Italy solve the problem of overcrowding of seniors in this country. His gesture was misinterpreted …

Mamadou Kamara, 18, ​​from Ivory Coast was arrested for a double murder in Palagonia, Sicily, according It fatto quotidiano.

On 8 September 2nd immigrants were attacked and robbed by a gang of young Sicilian probably in retaliation for murder of two pensioners, by so-called refugees, in the small town of Palagonia.Tensions are very vivid in the small farming community, located near Catania, after the Ivorian young Mamadou Kamara, who was staying in the Mineo refugee camp was arrested for the murder of Vincenzo Solano, 68, and his wife Mercedes Ibanez, 70

Hundreds of people flocked to the local church for the funeral of the couple, killed by police during a robbery gone bad. Kamara is alleged to have cut the throat of Ibanez Solano before throwing a balcony. Police said an initial examination the medical examiner suggests she was also sexually abused.

Investigators quickly arrested Kamara, who arrived in Italy on a boat from Libya in June and asked for political asylum. The evidence against him seems overwhelming. He was arrested during a routine check at the Cara Mineo, a former US military base transformed into migrant-receiving camp can accommodate 3200 people from Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, Gambia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere.
A search of his bag were recovered a camcorder, a mobile phone, a PC, a gold chain and other goods all belonging to the murdered couple. The bag also contained a pair of bloodstained trousers, Kamara was on the recovered images on his mobile phone. At the time of arrest, he was wearing clothes from the wardrobe of the victims.

Kamara denies bulk accusations, saying he found the bag abandoned in a trash can in a nearby street.

Solano’s daughter, Rosita, a teacher of 46 years said she accused the government of killing.”They let these immigrants come here and they do what they want, burglaries andmurders,” she said, adding that politicians were not welcome at the funeral. The double murder was quickly recovered by right-wing parties. The leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, resumed Rosita’s words, saying the government was solely responsible, while Giorgia Meloni, the Fratelli d’Italia, added that lax controls at the Centre Mineo had left this couple be “slaughtered like goats.” The nationalist movement Forza Nuova was manifest Palagonia weekend.

The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi sent his condolences and promised exemplary sanctions against those responsible, but also urged calm. “Those who have done this have to pay, but we should not change the way we do,” he said.
Apparently, his words were not heard by three young Sicilian detained by police. They are accused of attacking two Gambian migrants who were cycling in the Mineo center, as reported by Corriere della Sera. Armed with a rifle teenagers arrested the alleged refugees before hitting the wildly.




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