Who is behind this sinister ISIS – US Army hoax?

Terror networks might be reponsible for images appearing on social networks

ISIS twitter hoax US Army

Is a disturbing, yet fraudulent image making the rounds across the Internet the work of ISIS or like-minded terror groups?

As we learn more about their increasing sophistication, it becomes a bit easier to spot these social media disinformation campaigns. Rather than relying entirely on the shock value of public executions, we’re seeing subtle yet powerful schemes emerge from their ranks.

In the latest example, ISIS terrorists have been re-branded as American soldiers committing massacres while wearing Muslim garb. It’s a way of deflecting away blame for their atrocities. In America, it has fooled many on Twitter and elsewhere, so it could be considered a success so far. It has spread rapidly today.



But it is absolutely a hoax. Compare the doctored image with the original, as seen below:

iraq-isis-black telegraph

Unfortunately, undoing the damage caused by these hoaxes takes time as the fake photo inevitably takes on a life of its own. It’s just another reminder that today’s terror groups are no dummies.

From the Daily Telegraph archives, here’s the original image:



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